WhatsApp for iPad: How to Download iOS Beta of Instant Messaging App

The Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp recently tested a new feature called multi-device compatibility. This would let users run the app on different devices without direct connection through their smartphone.

The beta service also updated that the WhatsApp for iPad would be released as a native app for the platform.

The WhatsApp beta is currently testing exciting new features that might soon get released for all users. WABetaInfo tweeted the details for the new features, which includes the fact that it would work independently from smartphones and desktops.

• Is WhatsApp for iPad a web app? No, it's a native app!• Will WhatsApp for iPad work independently? Yes.• Is WhatsApp for iPad already available? No.• WhatsApp beta for iPad? If you have WhatsApp beta for iOS, you will automatically have the iPad version in the future.

— WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) August 21, 2021

How to Download WhatsApp for iPad

To emphasize, WhatsApp for iPad is still in development. The official features are not available on the current WhatsApp version, both on iOS and desktop. However, the new feature might come out to registered WhatsApp iOS beta users in the next few days.

WhatsApp for iPad: How to Download iOS Beta of Instant Messaging App

According to My, WhatsApp for iPad would be using multi-device support, another beta feature currently on its testing phase. Multi-device support lets users connect up to four different devices in an encrypted end-to-end connection with WhatsApp. Note, however, that users still need to link their app with an active phone number.

Before this feature, a smartphone had to act as a central hub for other connected devices. If the smartphone lost its internet connection, all other registered devices would stop functioning with WhatsApp. This new feature finally removes this annoying problem.

For WhatsApp beta users running on iOS, keep an eye out for future updates. You might see a new option in "WhatsApp Settings," "Linked Devices," and "Multi-Device Beta." Through the said options, you could register the four different devices you plan to run with WhatsApp--including the iPad.

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WhatsApp Download: New Features and Update

Registered WhatsApp beta users will receive the new features and updates automatically when it is made available. Avoid doing manual updates of third-party downloads for the app because both approaches violate the app's terms and conditions. Also, be warned that malware could get installed in this process. With that, it is best to patiently wait for the new WhatsApp iPad feature to get released.

As SlashGear also emphasized, a native WhatsApp application for Android tablets should also be coming soon. This would sync up to the multi-device compatibility mentioned earlier. However, no official release date was confirmed.

In highlight, the registered WhatsApp beta users have a lot of exciting new features to test out. This involves the new multi-device compatibility, iPad and Android tablet app, and other ongoing updates.

WhatsApp beta launched these developments to hear users feedback and receive bugs reports during its testing phase. If users encounter any such problems, they are recommended to go to "WhatsApp Settings" and "Contact Us." Send a screenshot and a short explanation so the developer team could immediately work on the problem.

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