Unverified pics of Garmin Tactix Echo have been posted on Facebook

A few unverified pics of Garmin Tactix Echo have been posted on Facebook. Some of these images can be found in the latest version of the Garmin Explore app. If this is genuine, it should imply a soonish launch. There has also been one retail leak.

The most recent edition in the range is the Garmin Tactix Delta. This is a rugged watch that combines specialized tactical functionality with mapping-enhanced navigation and advanced fitness training features. It closely parallels the Fenix range.

Tactix Delta was released in January 2020. It followed the August 2019 unveiling of Fenix 6. Delta is essentally the 6x pro with a few tactical features such as Stealth Mode, Night Vision Mode and Kill Switch (along some hardware changes). Also Delta also has a Solar/Sapphire edition – which wasn’t introduced until this year’s Fenix.

We saw the unveiling of Garmin Fenix 7 at the start of 2022. So it is time to turn our attention to the Garmin Delta successor. Dubbed Garmin Tactix Echo (or Garmin Tactix 7), there has been little information on the upcoming device until now.

Garmin Tactix Echo

A few days ago some pics were posted in one of the Garmin Tactix Facebook groups. A user stumbled on the info by accident. Some more followed today.

Unverified pics of Garmin Tactix Echo have been posted on Facebook

If you download the Garmin Explore app and add a new device – it will show the upcoming watch. If you already have the app installed – you may need to delete the app and reinstall it to see the timepiece.

Here are the pics (hosted externally – on ImgBB). The first one reveals the Tactix 7, Tactix 7 Pro Solar and Tactix 7 Pro Solar Ballistics versions mentioned in the app. That might imply that there will only be one size option (possibly 51mm).

From the images, the screen looks fairly similar to the one that can be found on Delta. To remind, that one comes with a 1.4 inch display. But the screws have been removed from the face and moved to the lugs. Which is an improvement.

No information yet on possible specs, but this is likely to be a watch with case material/look/feel of the Delta – with the Fenix 7 updates slapped on top of this. It should make it one of the best watches Garmin makes.

Updates that will arrive will probably include Health Snapshot, on-device Connect IQ store, real-time settings with Garmin Connect Mobile, additional activity profiles, Vo2Max trail run, Real-time Stamina and all the other extras that came with Garmin’s latest Fenix watch.

It might also get the touch-screen feature and possibly the flashlight feature. We did come across a premature retail listing. Interestingly, this lists a Green flashlight and a titanium case! This is probably the high-end version – particularly when you take into consideration the CHF 1,579 price tag (nearly $1,700).

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Garmin has not confirmed or denied any of this. So take these pics as just what they are – an unconfirmed rumour. But don’t be surprised if the company makes an official announcement soon.

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