The Rivian R1T Is Everything You Hoped It Would Be

Normally, when it comes to reviewing a new car or truck (or really, any other product), the first thing you have to ask yourself is, what else could I buy that does the same thing? After all, a big part of evaluating something is judging its value — and doing value inherently tends to involve comparing it to other methods of performing the same task.

The Rivian R1T Is Everything You Hoped It Would Be

But how, exactly, does one review something that doesn't have any direct competitors? Something that doesn't just find a new niche, but redefines an existing paradigm?

How, for example, do you evaluate a pickup truck that makes more power and torque than a Ferrari 812 GTS or McLaren 765LT, and can sprint off the line like them — but can also keep up with a Land Cruiser off-road? One that offers more closed lockable storage space than most sedans? One that offers a built-in kitchen? One that can travel from New York to Boston in a straight shot without using a drop of gasoline — or ever use fossil fuels at all?

Now do you see just how interesting the 2022 Rivian R1T is?