'Steven Universe’ Season 4 Spoilers, News & Updates: Latest Season To Return With An Older Steven?

Though a lot of reports have it that "Steven Universe" Season 4 is about to be canceled right after its fifth season, Rebecca Sugar herself, the creator of the series, hinted the possibility of an older Steven when the show returns.

Reports said that"Steven Universe" Season 4would most definitely end up cancelled after its fifth season. In connection with this, Rebecca Sugar stated in an interview that she has big plans for the show, though she didn't confirm whether the show is about to end or not.

'Steven Universe’ Season 4 Spoilers, News & Updates: Latest Season To Return With An Older Steven?

Rebecca Sugar also hinted that there is a significant possibility that Steven will most probably come back as an older version of himself when the show returns for the new episodes."Steven Universe" Season 4will open Steven's mind that he is living in a big world, when that happens, his character will also evolve.

Additionally, on "Steven Universe" Season 4, Steven will also learn more about the Rose Quartz and his questionable leadership in the coming episodes, this is also theorized to make him grow older in the series.

Avid fans of the show are eagerly waiting for the release of"Steven Universe" Season 4 and are hoping for more fusions as currently seen on the "Steven Universe" Season 3. They are on the look out for Peridot to have her first fusion on the show.

The release date of "Steven Universe" Season 4 is said to be announced at the New York Comic-Con event where the creator of the series is said to be attending.

Which do you think is better? A young Steven or his older version? Why do you think it is much better in that way? Comment your opinions below and stay tuned for more exciting "Steven Universe" Season 4updates