'Steven Universe' Season 4 Episode 10: Trailer Shows Baby Steven; Diamond On Steven's Onesie Confirms Rose Quartz Is Also Pink Diamond?

"Steven Universe" season 4, episode 10 is yet to air on Dec. 1 and will be a part of Cartoon Network's Winter Holiday Special Lineup. "Three Gems and a Baby" was revealed to feature Steven and Greg in their younger versions as teased by the episode's sneak peek. The installment's synopsis was also previously released, where the father and son duo are said to look back on their first winter together.

Cartoon Network previously released the promo video of its Winter Holiday Specials. The short teaser for "Steven Universe" showed Greg, Steven, Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet coming together to celebrate what is assumed to be Christmas. The video then jumps to a time when Greg was carrying a brown bag with Steven in it. Theories on flashback scenes are then confirmed as Greg was seen sharing something about his past to the group somewhere in the promo video.

'Steven Universe' Season 4 Episode 10: Trailer Shows Baby Steven; Diamond On Steven's Onesie Confirms Rose Quartz Is Also Pink Diamond?

Taking his guitar, this might be the scene where Greg sings the newly composed track for "Steven Universe" which was entitled, "I Could Never Be Ready." The latest OST of the show was first presented during the October New York Comic-Con as performed by the voice cast for Greg, Tom Scharpling, and creator Rebecca Sugar. The song talks about the struggles of Greg parenting Steven alone as his partner Rose Quartz died when Steven was born.

An extended cut version of the promo was leaked which dug deeper into the details of the upcoming episode. A portion of the video showed a flashback featuring the same group. They traveled with their van which will later be seen stuck through the snow. The next scene shows Steven unleashing his powers for the first time and the notable detail in that scene is the diamond cut surrounding his gem on his onesie. That small detail has sparked theories and the speculations of Rose being Pink Diamond resurfaced.

There has been a long debate on what the real connection of Rose with Pink Diamond might be. Some theories claimed that Rose and Pink Diamond were once close friends and that they were both traitors to their kind as they chose to save the Earth. A second theory was that Rose is a fusion and that Pink Diamond is one of the Components. Finally, there are talks going around that Rose and Pink Diamond are only one. With the promo showing a diamond on Steven, fans are more convinced with the latter, saying that Rose is also Pink Diamond.

Rose then is said to be alive and is in the form of a Lion which was what Pink Diamond turned into according to previous revelations. More pieces of the puzzle are also expected to come out on "Steven Universe" season 4, episode 10 which will air on Dec. 1 on Cartoon Network.