Slow Horses' Gary Oldman calls thriller "the other side of James Bond"

In a sit-down conversation, Oldman describes the series as the anti-Bond, with Slow Horses showing the grittier "other side of James Bond".

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"Slow Horses is not casinos, champagne and Aston Martins. It's such the other side of James Bond, isn't it?" he says in the featurette.

Scott Thomas responds: "Totally. Behind the mirror [of] James Bond. It's the sort of stuff you'd rather not look at."

"It really has [its] tongue in its cheek, wouldn't you say?" Oldman adds.

Slow Horses' Gary Oldman calls thriller

In the show, Scott Thomas plays the "tough cookie" Diana Taverner, while Oldman plays leader of the group Jackson Lamb, who is brilliant but difficult to work with.

Speaking to Scott Thomas about her on-screen character in the series, Oldman says: "If you don't take this too personally, you're very good at playing a tough..."

"Tough cookie," Scott Thomas says.


Comparing acting with Oldman to a game of tennis, she says: "It always feel like a relief when you've got a scene with Gary. I mean they were great to act. They [Jackson and Diana] bicker, they're almost like old lovers... They've learnt to live together. It's fun to do."

The six-parter opens with a double-header on Apple TV Plus on Friday 1st April, while further episodes will arrive on a weekly basis from that point onwards.

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