intelligentwatchreview The Easiest Way To Activate Siri On Apple Watch

Apple provides three ways to wake up Siri when using an Apple Watch. While each way has its own pros and cons, one is easier than the others.

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Apple built Siri right into the Apple Watch and provides several ways to activate the personal virtual assistant, but one stands out as the easiest of them all. Siri is Apple's helpful voice that makes it a little simpler to find directions, set reminders, and manage workouts with minimal effort. A comparison of the various methods of waking Siri will make using this feature a breeze in the future.

Apple made Siri a part of the Apple Watch from the very beginning, building it into the original model. By 2017, with the more powerful processor in the Apple Watch Series 3, Siri gained the ability to speak replies to simple questions. There is also a Siri watch face that varies complications in anticipation of which one the wearer might want at any given time. This can be a good way to get to know the different complications that are available.


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Apple provides several different ways to wake Siri on an Apple Watch, including the usual 'Hey Siri' phrase. The trouble with this is that it might activate the personal assistant on an iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, or HomePod instead. Due to this, the easiest way to talk to Siri is with Raise To Speak, which alerts Siri to start listening as soon as the arm is raised near the face. If there's no speech then Siri won't appear on-screen and will stop listening. If the words are not a question or a command that Siri understands, the watch face will appear. This makes it easier to access Siri, avoiding any confusion over when and how the wearer wants help.

Siri Settings On Apple Watch

To change Siri's options on an Apple Watch, open the Settings app, scroll down and tap Siri. There are three toggle switches: Listen for 'Hey Siri,' Raise to Speak and Press Digital Crown. Calling up Siri by name or with an arm raised were already covered, and using the Digital Crown for activation works just like it sounds. Simply press and hold the knurled crown button on the side of the Apple Watch to wake up Siri so a request or command can be given.

Whichever activation method is used, Siri will be ready to provide a weather update, add up a list of numbers, mark an event on a calendar, and more. Siri can even call or text people from the contact list. There's a place for all of the different Siri activation methods and multiple options can be enabled at once. It's clear, however, that Raise to Speak is the easiest way to use Siri on an Apple Watch.

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