intelligentwatchreview Locket App Not Sending Code? How To Fix The Annoying Bug

The Locket app is all the rage among iPhone users right now. Unfortunately, a bug during the setup process stops verification codes from being sent and makes it impossible for users to complete their profile. Since its launch in early January, Locket's quickly risen as one of the most popular smartphone apps on the planet. Everyone's talking about it online, it's all over TikTok, and it's regularly featured as one of the top free apps on the App Store.

At its core, Locket is a very simple application. People download the app, add each other to a friend group (up to five people), and can then send photos to each other's iPhone home screens through the Locket widget. That's really all there is to it. Just about every social app supports photo sharing, but the ability to send pictures directly to someone's home screen is what makes Locket unique. Whether it's used by a long-distance couple, a group of friends, or family members living in different states, it's a more intimate and personal way to keep in touch.


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However, this all assumes Locket works as intended. Signing up is supposed to be pretty straightforward. Just download the app, verify your phone number, enter your name, and invite some friends. After typing in your number, Locket is supposed to send a verification code that ensures random phone numbers aren't used to create accounts. However, some users report seeing a 'Couldn't send code' error message upon entering their phone number. Tapping 'OK dismisses the message to try again, but it keeps showing up with no way to create an account. Locket App Not Sending Code? How To Fix The Annoying Bug

How To Get Past The 'Couldn't Send Code' Error

The good news? There are a few ways to get past this error message and get Locket working like normal. The first thing to do is check the phone's internet connection. Locket can only send the verification code if the phone number is connected to Wi-Fi or wireless data. If it's not, the code won't send and the error message appears. If the 'Couldn't send code' message appears while connected to Wi-Fi, try disabling it and using the phone's mobile data. If it's not working over a data connection, try again while connected to a Wi-Fi network.

It's also possible that it's nothing more than a random glitch with the app. If a user's phone is connected to the internet but the message keeps showing up, try restarting the Locket app. Swipe up and hold from the bottom of the iPhone (or double-press the Home button on older models) to access the multitasking page. Swipe up on the Locket app to close it, open the app again, and that should get things working. If that still doesn't work, it may be worth deleting the app and re-installing it. Press and hold on the Locket app icon, tap 'Delete App,' and give it a second to uninstall. Then head back to the App Store, re-download it, and give it another shot.

Lastly, it's worth noting that Locket's 'Couldn't send code' message appeared for a lot of users shortly after the app became really popular. With so many users rushing to the App Store, downloading the app, and trying to sign up, that apparently caused Locket's servers to go offline. If someone tried signing up for Locket in early January, got the error message, and hasn't tried again since then, it should work now.

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