Samsung Galaxy S22 Leaks Hint Dark Red Color and More, Up to 512 GB Storage, Price; But There's a Big Problem

New Samsung Galaxy S22 leaks teased a lot of exciting features. The smartphone might include the first-ever Dark Red color option.

Furthermore, it might be optimized for 512 GB integrated storage. Unfortunately, data miners also warned that the amazing smartphone could be low in supply.

Many fans anticipate Samsung's next biggest flagship device for 2022. The series line will be Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra. Although nothing official has been announced for these smartphones at the time of writing, data miners managed to dig enough information to get a rough idea of the incoming devices.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Leaks: Specs and Color Options

The information comes from Twitter leaker Snoopytech, who notably has a long track record for Samsung related rumors. The leaker's latest post described the S22 lineup, storage, RAM configuration and color options. Snoopy said unnamed retailers confirmed the details.

Here are the confirmed #GalxyS22 Options (by retailers):Galaxy S22 5G:8 + 128 GB/256 GBPink Gold/Green/Black/WhiteGalaxy S22+ 5G8 + 128/256 GBPink Gold/Green/Black/WhiteGalaxy S22 Ultra 5G12 + 128/256 GB and 16 + 512 GB 🔥Dark Red/Black/White(Render by @OnLeaks )

— Snoopy (@_snoopytech_) December 9, 2021

The base model for Galaxy S22 notably shares the same specs as its predecessor, with its 8 GB memory and 128 GB to 256 GB storage.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Leaks Hint Dark Red Color and More, Up to 512 GB Storage, Price; But There's a Big Problem

The second model, Galaxy S22 Plus, also has the same configuration of 8 GB memory and 128 GB to 256 GB storage. The changes between these two smartphones might be on its camera setup, which is unfortunately not yet leaked,

The top-end variant, Galaxy S22 Ultra, features the biggest improvements that Samsung fans are excited for. Its RAM options are 12 GB to 16 GB, and its storage option adds an extra 512 GB variant.

The colors for all these models will include the traditional black and white. However, two new options are teased for S22 and S22 Plus, which are green and pink gold. Unfortunately, there are no picture samples.

The S22 Ultra also features an exclusive and gorgeous dark red color option. Fans can get an idea of this unique color through YouTuber Technizo Concept's video.Read Also: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Top Cryptocurrencies Continue Free Fall in Crypto Crash: $500 Billion Wiped Out

Samsung Galaxy S22 Price: Is it Expensive?

According to GSMarena, the Galaxy S22 series is rumored to start at the same price as Galaxy S21 this year. It will presumably cost somewhere near $800.

Samsung is allegedly planning to ship out 14 million S22 units, 8 million S22+ units, and 11 million S22 Ultra units. This rumor further supports the claim that S22 might be affordable due to its predicted popularity.

Samsung Faces Chip Shortage: 2022 Supply Issues

Unfortunately for fans, the renowned smartphone marker reportedly admitted having issues with the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage.

According to Android Headlines, Samsung recently held a meeting to discuss business strategy for 2022. Senior executives said the global chip shortage may continue until the second half of 2022, which will undoubtedly affect stocks.

Samsung partnered with chip production firms like TSMC to make up for the missing components. However, this is not a reassurance on the availability of the stocks.

Be warned that the details mentioned in this article are mostly taken from data miners and leakers. Readers should take this information with a pinch of salt.

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