REVIEW: Casio G-Shock MTGB2000YBD1

Casio’s latest flagship MT-G wristwatch, the MTGB2000YBD1, features a new hybrid construction that combines stainless steel with composite materials to offer a light yet robust timepiece.

The Metal Twisted G-Shock (MT-G) Ref. MTGB2000YBD1 features a monocoque inner case made of carbon-reinforced resin that protects the dial and movement and is fully visible on the backside. A hexagonal-shaped outer case constructed of 235 sheets of layered and machined carbon and glass fiber frames the carbon-reinforced outer case. Viewed from the side the layered structure has a red and black striped surface whereas on the top of the case, lugs, and crown guards/hinges there’s a traditional checkered carbon fiber pattern.

As is the case with most G-Shocks, the watch has an armored crystal (meaning the glass is set below the bezel to protect it from impacts). With the premium G-Shocks, the glass is made of premium synthetic sapphire crystal. The scratch-resistant gunmetal-colored ion-plated stainless steel bezel — which is secured to the layered carbon-and-glass fiber frame via four functional bolts — is octagonal-shaped. In contrast, the eight-sided bezel offsets the six-sided case, and while the top and sides of the bezel are brushed to a matte finish, the machine beveling on the outer edge is polished. My favorite visual detail, though, is the inner lip of the bezel, which is polished so that when the light hits it at certain angles it gleams.

This MT-G MTGB2000YBD1 is made of high-tech carbon-and-glass fiber, stainless steel, carbon-reinforced resin hybrid that provides maximum shock-resistance while also maintaining a weight that’s noticeably lighter than the MTGB2000D-1A from 2020. At 132.6 grams versus 157.6 grams, that’s a reduction of 25 grams, thanks mostly to the layered carbon and glass fiber frame.

The MTGB2000YBD1 case measures 48.5 mm in diameter by 15.2 mm in thickness (50 mm including hinges/crown guards). Lug-to-lug the watch measures 55 mm, and this fits my 7″ (57-58 mm wide) wrist well. You may want to measure the top of your wrist to make sure there’s enough area to let the watch lay flat without hanging over the edges.

Unlocking the MTGB2000YBD1’s newly designed 8.25 mm diameter screw-locked crown — which is made of stainless steel and fine resin — allows control of electronic functions such as setting the time manually. The rest of the functions are controlled by the four oversized pump-pushpieces located at 3, 5, 8, and 10 o’clock.

Similar to past models, the ion-plated stainless steel bracelet tapers to 22 mm at the clasp, and has a fine resin-backed construction, which is warm against the skin and reduces weight compared to a pure metal bracelet. A dual push-button safety clasp secures the bracelet on the wrist and there are a generous amount of links to fit larger wrists. There are also three additional positions on the clasp that allow you to extend the length further if needed. Tube-shaped carbon sheeting was utilized for the lug holes to enhance durability. Dual levers on each end of the bracelet can be squeezed together to detach/attach the bracelet from the case without a tool. It still requires some finessing so as always you still have to be careful to avoid damage.

In addition to the technical benefits of the layered carbon-reinforced resin frame, aesthetically the mixture of red and black layers — particularly the red glass fiber layers that match the red accents on the dial and one of the pushers — gives this MT-G an unmistakably bold futuristic look from the side or at certain angles.

G-Shock’s Triple G-Resist technology protects the Bluetooth/Atomic calibrated tough solar Japanese quartz (movement Module 5636) from shocks, centrifugal gravity, and vibrations. The case is also water-resistant to a depth of 200 meters. With Triple G-Resist the watch can truly resist almost anything — and will require a serious amount of force in order to render this G-Shock inoperable.

When connected to the G-Shock app via Bluetooth the watch automatically calibrates the time using the same ultra-precise Naval clock calibration used for mobile phones. In the event that there’s no cellular signal and phone nearby, multi-band atomic technology acts as a redundant backup, as long as it’s within an approximately 1,500-mile range of one of the 6 worldwide atomic towers. If both of the abovementioned methods fail, the electronic crown can be used to set the time manually. Even with no signal calibration from a mobile phone or atomic clock, the watch accuracy is +/-15 seconds per month, which is thanks to precise Japanese quartz technology.

G-Shock’s Tough Solar technology — which lets sunlight pass through the semi-transparent dial to recharge the battery — allows the watch to run for 5 months on a rechargeable battery (normal use without exposure to light on a full charge) or up to 29 months on a rechargeable battery (when stored in total darkness with the power save function on a full charge).

The dial is legible, and there are a number of useful functions beyond just telling the time. It’s nice to have a variety of functions without having so many that the dial becomes busy. The hour and minute hands and indices are fully luminous with painted lume. In addition, a “Super Illuminator” LED light provides bright illumination on-demand via a pusher. The watch has analog hours and minutes, and the minute hand moves every 5 seconds as opposed. to once per second to save energy. The red center seconds hand is used for the chronograph. The watch automatically goes into a power-saving mode, which means the hands stop moving when the watch is left in the dark.

The Casio G-Shock MTGB2000YBD1 has a plethora of useful functions that include dual time displays (both with AM/PM indicators), stopwatch, 24-hour countdown timer, daily alarm, full auto-calendar date display (to the year 2099), the day indicated by a hand, and 27 timezones (with home city time swapping and auto summer time DST switching).


A solar-powered Bluetooth movement keeps the G-Shock MTGB2000YBD1 accurate and fully charged with almost no input from you required. It does need sunlight occasionally to recharge, and there are times where you may need to resync with the G-Shock app in order to change the timezone or other mobile phone-controlled settings, but generally speaking, in my experience — the watch updates the time, date, and stays charged by itself.

The MT-G has gotten smaller and lighter in recent iterations and while this model does not have further reduced the dimensions, the crown looks sleeker and more attractive, and most importantly Casio managed to shave off an extra 25 grams compared to the most recent MT-G that preceded it, without giving up durability. In fact, thanks to the layered carbon and glass fiber frame, carbon-reinforced-resin inner frame, and ion-plated exterior case components — this may be the most rugged MT-G to date.

REVIEW: Casio G-Shock MTGB2000YBD1

The overall size feels good on my wrist but this is a rather large watch, even if Casio continues to reduce the bulk as the MT-G line as it has evolved. The fine resin-backed stainless steel bracelet is well designed because it’s light and similar to titanium but with a much warmer feel against your skin.

The new MT-G has even more carbon-fiber components for enhanced durability and reduced weight. Even considering all the features and technology, however, the price is relatively high even compared to the MT-G we reviewed last December. Then again you typically see similar layered carbon-fiber technology in watches from companies such as Panerai or Richard Mille, which are not even close in price. Those are mechanical watches, and this is a quartz-based timepiece, but at the end of the day, they are both wristwatches, and bottom line is that an MT-G is more likely to withstand anything you throw at it. Thanks to the superior protection of the case, dial, crystal, movement, and hands — with a G-Shock, extreme durability is guaranteed.

The retail price is $1,200. Learn more at G-Shock.


Casio G-Shock MT-G MTGB2000YBD1

Reference: MTGB2000YBD1

Year: 2021

Total Weight: 132.6 grams

Case Diameter: 48.5 mm (50 mm including hinges/crown guards)

Case Thickness: 15.25 mm

Lug-to-Lug: 55 mm

Crown Diameter: 8.25 mm

Glass: Sapphire crystal (armored)

Movement: Module 5636

Depth Rating: 200 meters

Bracelet: 29 mm at the lugs/22 mm at the buckle (stainless steel with fine resin backing)