Motorola Edge 20: The very slim mid-range phone is impressive, but not completely

Users who want to stand out from the mass of mid-range smartphones don't have it easy. Motorola attempts a new approach with the Edge 20: After the very curved screen edges of the predecessor, which caused problems during use, a flatter screen is installed in a very slim case now.

The Edge 20 looks stylish and is also very light. In terms of materials, you get the standard mid-range fare with an older Gorilla Glass on the front and plastic on the back.

Motorola Edge 20: The very slim mid-range phone is impressive, but not completely

5G and fast Wi-Fi are naturally on board, but you'll have to do without a microSD reader. There's no longer a 3.5 mm audio jack like in the predecessor, the Motorola Edge, either; it was likely sacrificed in favor of the slim build.

Another disadvantage of the slim design is the limited space for the battery: It only has a capacity of 4,000 mAh. Motorola still manages to get somewhat suitable runtimes for everyday use out of the battery, and the charging times are quite short thanks to 30-watt charging, but other mid-range devices last much longer.

The fact that Motorola only installs a mono speaker is a slight step backwards compared to the predecessor, and sound quality doesn't really impress, either. In return, Bluetooth 5.2 with all modern aptX codecs is available for wireless headphones or speakers.

The 144 Hz display is one of the highlights of the Edge 20, and even 120 fps can be achieved in some games as our review shows. Performance and emissions are at class level, but there's also another considerable drawback in the display.

Read our detailed review of the Motorola mid-range phone to find out what that is and whether we can recommend the Motorola Edge 20 overall.