John Mayer Is Back With Another G-Shock Collab

It’s no big secret that John Mayer is a watch guy. As GQ’s Cam Wolf put it last year, Mayer has become a wildly influential collector, with his tastes often moving the market for certain watches. In some circles, Mayer’s wrist is the most valuable part of his wonderland-like body, even more so than his magical fingers (we’re talking about his guitar playing skills, sickos).

John Mayer Is Back With Another G-Shock Collab

And from time to time, the watch fan puts on his watch designer hat. Enter the Casio G-Shock Ref. 6900-PT80 by John Mayer, a collaboration between the musician, the horology website Hodinkee, and the beloved watch brand, known for its casual and accessible designs.

As you might recall, this is not the first time these titans of timepieces have gone head to head. It was only a year ago that the first collaborative effort was revealed and subsequently, sold out in minutes (the Mayer Effect in action!). And as Gossip Girl and And Just Like That have proven, fans love nothing more than a reboot.

Which leads us to the latest drop: a playful riff on the ever-popular DW6900, the affable, affordable style that has made serious in-roads into pop culture over the years, and become a surprising cult hit in the chronology community. Much like Mayer’s recent album Sob Rock, this limited-edition model is inspired by the 1980s—specifically the Casio PT-80 keyboard, with an off-white resin case that’s a far cry from some of the more somber, swaggering styles we’re used to. Against that creamy backdrop we’ve got some hits of color. The red, green, and gray outlines for the three signature Triple Graph registers are drawn from the Casio PT-80 keyboard. At 53.2 mm in diameter and 16.3mm thick, it’s decidedly substantial but not quite clunky; eye-catching without being showy. A real chef’s kiss, and what Mayer calls “an opportunity to revisit the excitement of Casio electronics I felt growing up, and a reminder that watch collecting, should, above all else, remain fun.”

The watch shrewdly channels the irreverence and technical prowess of both Mayer and G-Shock, a delicate balance that’s deftly executed. Now here’s the bad news: the last Mayer x G-Shockdidn’t even last ten minutes. So when this one drops—today, on the Hodinkee shop—we’d suggest you keep hitting that refresh button.