iPhone Invisible Ink text

The iPhone Invisible Ink is an iPhone feature with a unique function that allows users to hide their chats whenever they choose. This invisible ink text functionality is extremely beneficial when sending texts in public or using public transit.

It's a brilliant option for people who don't want snoopers staring over their shoulders on a train or at work.

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The built-in Apple feature is called Invisible Ink, and it doesn't even require any extra software, according to Bustle.

When users send an Invisible Ink message, the text on the screen is scribbled out. Users can only make the message appear by tapping and holding on to it.

As recently revealed in a popular TikTok video, someone peering over their shoulder would only see blank messages.

Furthermore, it provides a means of sending amusing surprises to pals, such as GIFs and memes. It might even be used in a group conversation to discuss TV or movie spoilers without spoiling the enjoyment for everyone.

The bad news is that the capability is limited to Apple's Messages app's iMessage. Users will not be able to use this feature within WhatsApp as a result.

Here are the following steps to use Apple's invisible ink feature, as recommended by The Irish Sun.

iPhone Invisible Ink text

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The iPhone's invisible ink does not make the user's messages vanish. It's not the same as Snapchat.

A user's text will be invisible to anyone looking over their shoulder, but users may easily screenshot the invisible ink message by moving their finger over it and screenshotting it at the same time.

According to CNBC, iPhone users may do a lot with their other applications without even leaving the messaging ecosystem with Apple's iOS 10, a concept that's already immensely popular in countries like China, where WeChat popularized the idea.

Since iOS 10, Apple has had a feature that includes invisible ink in the operating system.

The tech giant's mobile software competence is pitted against popular messaging apps like Facebook and Snapchat in iOS 10. Users should expect some cutting-edge texting possibilities as a result.

When iOS 10 was released on September 13, customers were given a slew of new features to try out, including the new Bubble Effects in Apple's text messaging program, Messages.

Apple's addition of the invisible ink feature is yet another means for Apple customers to keep their most private communications hidden from prying eyes, which isn't a new concept; social media sites like Snapchat have long been known for their stealth messaging.

However, the way in which invisible ink achieves its aim distinguishes it.

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