Instagram Video Feature: How to Use New Format, Extra Tools to Create Better Clips

The social media giant Instagram has simplified its video creation tool. The said update combines both IGTV and feed videos into one format. Aside from the said combination, Instagram also introduced new features. This includes video trimming, people and location tagging, as well as filters.

In addition, Instagram clarified that the said update will not affect Instagram Reels negatively, per Tech Crunch.

In case you did not know, Instagram has dropped the IG TV button from its home page last year due to a lack of traction. Aside from this reason, Tech Crunch also noted that the Facebook-owned company observed that the IG TV app only accumulated 7 million downloads from its 1 billion-plus users since it is launched.

What's New on Instagram Video Features and Tools

As mentioned, Instagram has combined IGTV and feed video features. On their blog post, the company noted that the said combination will definitely help content discovery easier for its users. Instagram added that the simplified version of IGTV will help content creators to easily entertain, tell stories, as well as connect to their audience.

In relation to this, Instagram head Adam Mosseri stated in his IG video that he believes that video formats should not have a division. Mosseri added that the Instagram video combination will shorten the process for both creators and users.

"When a person is looking for content to watch online, they're never specifically looking for long format or short format, they're just looking to watch videos and be entertained. I'm glad I now won't need to navigate to so many different surfaces to watch things on Instagram," Mosseri furthered.

Instagram Video Feature: How to Use New Format, Extra Tools to Create Better Clips

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The social media giant clarified that users can still upload videos by clicking the plus sign on the top right corner of Instagram's home page.

Moreover, the said update includes new video tab and IG TV ads.

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As per Instagram, this feature emphasizes the said video combination. Through the new video tab feature, it will easily identify the contents users love. In addition, the video tab will also have up to one-hour length of content and will include previews as well as people and location tagging.

To understand how each video performs, post and video insights are combined into one metric created for content creators as well as business owners. In line with this, the formerly known IGTV Ads will now be called In-Stream Video Ads.

Instagram clarified that creators can still monetize long-form videos and it is still part of Instagram's revenue-sharing matter. The social media giant noted that businesses that want to reach more audiences must not have videos longer than 60 seconds.

How to Use Instagram Video Updates

To use IG's new video tab, Instagram said that viewers should tap the video to enter full screen. Aside from this, a scrolling option will be shown on the screen. This will help users discover new video content from other creators.

As mentioned, IGTV ads can be used to monetize content not longer than 60 seconds.

To download the said update for the app for Android users, go to this site. Meanwhile, Apple users must go to this page.

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