How to use Apple Watch to help find your iPhone

Misplacing your iPhone — or frankly any smartphone — is a universal experience. We're not talking about leaving it behind in a taxi (done) or on the airplane seat (done that too.) We're talking about not being able to find that device in your own home.

Yes, calling a phone is one option. If you have another phone available to you. Pulling up Find My through an iCloud account is also an option as well. AirTags, oddly, are not able to reverse find the iPhone — unlike its competitors including Orbit, Tile and Chipolo.

Start by swiping up from the main Watch face to bring up the shortcuts screenGearBrain

But if you have an Apple Watch, you have an iPhone finder right on your wrist. The wearable, which pairs with the iPhone through the dedicated Watch app, can find an iPhone and even make it ring _ whether your phone is on silent or not.

The feature, to get your iPhone to ring, is found in the quick settings on the Apple Watch. These are the shortcuts you can pull without having to go into the main Settings app.

How to use Apple Watch to help find your iPhone

They're available by just swiping upward from the bottom of the Apple Watch face. You need to do this from the actual Watch face and not from the screen with apps showing.

Next, look for the icon on the left of the iPhone with two parentheses on either sideGearBrain

From there, you can see a number of shortcut options including turning on Wi-Fi, putting on Do Not Disturb, putting on Airplane Mode — and finding your iPhone among others.

The icon is typically at the top or close to it, an outline of an iPhone with two parentheses on other side.

If your iPhone is within range — within an apartment for example — the Apple Watch can make it sound off a ping that sounds slightly like a sonar alarm by just pressing this icon. For each press, the iPhone will play that sonar alarm, a series of three pings. You can use this as a kind of beacon, pressing it to locate the iPhone in a warmer/colder situation.

Finally, press on that icon and if it turns blue, it means the Apple Watch is connected to the iPhone and is ringing it at that momentGearBrain

You can actually use this screen on the Apple Watch as a quick cheatsheet to see if the device is within range and connected to the iPhone. At the top left, from the screen with the icons, you'll should be able to see a miniature image of green iPhone at the top. If not, that means the smartphone is not within range of the Apple Watch, not paired, and this particular (and extremely useful) cheat unfortunately will not work.

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