G-SHOCK's New Slim Fitness Watch Packs A Ton of Features in a Sleek Package

As a part of its G-SHOCK Move line of sports watches, G-SHOCK recently released the GBD200, a rugged-yet-slim watch that marries a classic G-SHOCK aesthetic with functionality that runners will love. The watch connects to G-SHOCK's Move smartphone app and allows you to track your steps and running workouts easily. It's available in two colorways, a black and a high-voltage yellow. To see how the GBD200 would stand up to a summer training routine, we gave one to our tester who took it for a spin and spent a week wearing it.

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What We Like

The most immediately noticeable feature of the GBD200 is how thin it is. Compared to other fitness-tracking watches that we've tested, the GBD200 is noticeably lighter weight and lower profile. When running in other fitness-tracking watches, they can be quite heavy and cumbersome if you're used to hitting the pavement without something strapped to your wrist. The GBD200, on the other hand — we could see anyone using it and not feeling burdened by it.

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You're probably thinking "It's lightweight? It must be flimsy." But that's hardly the case. Like G-SHOCK's other watches, the GBD200 prioritizes durability. The case and bezel are made from a shock-resistant resin, the display is protected behind mineral glass and the whole package is water-resistant down to 200-meters — that's 656 feet. Try taking your other fitness-tracking smartwatch to depths like that.

Out of the box, the GBD200 is easy to set up. Simply hold down the button on the upper left corner of the watch for two seconds to display the settings menu. Hit pairing, then connect it via the G-SHOCK Move app on your smartphone. From there you can create a profile with all of your stats like age, weight and height. Once you've set up your account, you're off to the races.

G-SHOCK's New Slim Fitness Watch Packs A Ton of Features in a Sleek Package

For our tester, the best way to test the watch was to, well, test it. Before heading out for a run on a loop that's just under two miles, our tester left their smartphone behind and hit the red button on the upper right corner of the watch to start tracking. As the first mile rolled around, the GBD200 displayed a pace of just over 5'30". That's quick, and came as a surprise to our tester who was filled with confidence — feeling as though the GBD200 had instilled in them a newfound motivation for running fast. The watch audibly beeped as each mile rolled by — until our tester realized they were kilometers. No wonder the pace had been so "fast". Thankfully, the GBD200 makes it easy to switch the units displayed on the watch (from metric to imperial) either through the settings menu on the watch itself or through the G-SHOCK Move app.

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The App itself is as intuitive as the watch is. It allows you to view your mileage for the month, set goals for distance covered, view calories burned, average pace and more. It even allows you to add activities manually should you forget to put your watch on before heading out. There's also a handy phone finder function that can be accessed through the watch and will play an audible tone on your phone to help you locate it, even if it’s in silent mode.

Like the app, the GBD200 display also shows the log data of your activities so you can easily keep track of how you're pacing toward your goals. It's a helpful feature for staying motivated and keeping after your goals when your progress is simply a glance at your wrist away.

But perhaps the most convenient feature of the GBD200 is its battery life. Where most fitness-tracking watches make use of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the GBD200 runs on a single CR2032 battery that will last for roughly two years before needing to be replaced. Read: goodbye forgetting to charge your watch the night before a big training run and missing out on all of your data.

From the Brand

"Say hello to some serious passion for sports with the Move line up of G-SHOCK watches. Whichever model you chose and whatever workout you do, these models feature distinctive design in multi-sport functions chosen to calibrate with the most extreme workouts. All the info you need is at your fingertips — distance, speed and pace, as well as auto lap readings to keep track of running times for set distances. The display includes calories burned, a step tracker, interval timer and lap timer to keep your daily exercise on track."

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Who It’s For

While the GBD200 will offer the most to those who are runners and have running goals that they are working toward, the classic G-SHOCK styling and rugged durability make it a great watch for everyday wear as well. Even if you're simply looking to keep track of your steps and set goals for staying active throughout the day, the GDB-200 can be a solid companion in that endeavor.


The GBD200 offers a ton in a slim and sleek package and at a great price point. If you're looking for a lightweight fitness watch to help you achieve your summer fitness goals, the GBD200 is a great option. It doesn't sacrifice durability and features classic styling that doesn't scream "I'm a hardcore fitness enthusiast" — that's our kind of fitness tracker.

Price: $150


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