Apple Watch Series 7 — First impressions

With Series 7, that includes a bigger, more informational, more accessible screen and faster charging system in general. For time and schedule keeping, a brighter, easier-to-glance at always-on mode. For fitness and health tracking, especially the extreme kind, a more crack-resistant display, and dust-and-debris resistant casing. For notification and communication, a built-in keyboard. And, yeah, GIF/GIFs! For fashion, or just plain fun, a minor rainbow of new aluminum colors. Still starting at $400 bucks.

Apple Watch Series 7 — First impressions

And it all comes together to create an experience that's… light years beyond the original… even if it's still not quite where I want it to be. Let me explain!

Apple Watch Series 7 — Time Keeping

You know, a millimeter here or there never sounds like much… that is until you see the difference at Apple Watch Quantum realm scale. Because Apple didn't just increase the Watch sizes from 40 and 44mm to 41 and 45mm, they second-snapped the bezels by another 40%, increasing the usable display area by 20% over the last few models, and a whopping 50% of the original few.

As a result, you can fit either more information or bigger information on the display, and in some cases… both.

A lot of the interface has been tweaked, so some buttons and tap targets are over 12% bigger, like in Control Center and Calculator, or over 27% bigger, like on the stopwatch, making them a lot easier to hit, especially when you're moving around or working out.